Our hydrological engineering department can provide various solutions in hydrology, such as:

Hydrological Studies

The consultancy can conduct detailed studies on the behavior of water and rainfall in a specific area, analyzing variables such as precipitation, evaporation, runoff, among others. These studies are fundamental for the design of water resource management systems, hydraulic works, water utilization infrastructure, among others.

Hydrological Modeling 

Through hydrological modeling, the consultancy can simulate the behavior of water in different scenarios, allowing for an understanding of its availability and distribution over time and space. This tool is essential for the design and management of irrigation systems, planning hydraulic works, assessing risks associated with extreme events such as floods or droughts, among others.

Design of Hydraulic Infrastructure

Our hydrological engineering department can generate key design parameters for hydraulic infrastructure such as dams, reservoirs, irrigation channels, stormwater drainage systems, among others. These infrastructures enable water management, the utilization of water resources, and the prevention of floods and other natural disasters.

Water Management

Our consultancy can provide solutions for water management in different areas, such as urban, rural, or industrial. These include water quality management, liquid waste management, planning and management of irrigation systems, water demand management, among others.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Our professionals can assess and provide technical support materials for environmental impact studies of projects involving water resources, aiming to minimize their impact on the environment and ensure the project’s long-term sustainability.

In summary, we offer comprehensive solutions for the management of water resources, both in the public and private sectors, thus contributing to the sustainable development of communities and environmental conservation.”


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